We develop a management plan to mitigate the impact of invasive species in your environment.

Noxious weeds are much more than an inconvenience, Invasive and noxious weeds threaten native plants and animals, and can be harmful to crops, livestock, humans and create a negative financial impact in our community.

We are certified Noxious weed applicators, and work with all levels of Government, Industrial, Commercial, as well as Residential Customers.

We specialize in Knotweed control and can develop a program tailored to you.

These pictures show three applications applied to the Knotweed, from Fall of 2018 to Fall 2019.

For more information on Knotweed see

Click to access CKISS_knotweed_brochure_web.pdf

We also treat other species : Blueweed, Burdock, Thistles, English ivy, Giant hogweed, Hoary alyssum, Orange hawkweed, Oxeye daisy, and more.

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