Parking Lot Maintenance

First Impressions Matter

We Maintain a Beautiful, Spotless, Immaculate Professional Image

Parking lot maintenance is often overlooked, even though it is one of your customers first sights. We ensure that your customers will have a lasting impression on your business and brand that will radiate throughout the community. At Kootenay Ground Maintenance we provide a comprehensive parking lot maintenance programs customized to the specific needs of your business.

Parking Lot Services

  • Daily Litter Control
  • Crack + Crevasse Weed Control
  • Line-Painting (2021)
  • Power Washing (Sidewalks and building fronts)
  • Rocks-scape Weeding

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Crack + Crevasse Weed Control

Weeds that grow through your rock beds, parking lot, and other areas can be unappealing to the eye. With our safe selection of contact weed killers, we can ensure a clean, impeccable image.

Daily Litter Control

Enjoy knowing that your parking lots will be cleaned every morning before your customers arive! We ensure that your parking lots, sidewalks, landscaped beds and lawn are clear of debris. We also maintain any waste bins on site.


Coming (2021)

Power Washing

By keeping your sidewalks clean it becomes a cost-effective way of maintaining a healthy, clean, professional environment for your asset. Keeping a well-maintained sidewalk will ensure lasting results in the future. The Accumulation of filth, salt residue and contaminants can react with the stone material. This can lead to chipped, cracked, stained sidewalks. Here at Kootenay Ground Maintenance, our staff can provide long lasting clean paths to your business.

Rock-Scape Maintenance

You would be surprised how much attention landscaped beds bring to your business. Keeping a clean, weeded rock/organic material bed is key to a professional business image.


  • We attend on a scheduled basis
  • Parking lots of all sizes
  • Clean, professional business image
  • Certified and well-trained teams

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