Weed and Feed Programs

At Kootenay Ground Maintenance we help owners achieve a healthy beautiful lawn that you can be confident in displaying. We offer different Weed and Feed packages to exceed the needs of your lawn, and wether you are a homeowner or business owner we’ve got you covered.

No More Stress

Healthy, Green Lawns is What We Do Best

Save yourself the Worry

We take the stress out of making all the decisions. What fertilizer should I buy? When is the best time to apply it? What weed killer won’t harm my lawn? Our trained and certified team will take all the guesswork out and help you achieve whatever your lawn goals are!

Base Program

  • Spring Application
  • Summer Application
  • Fall Application

Base Plus+ Program

  • Spring Application
  • Early Summer Application
  • Summer Application
  • Fall Application

Moss Control

Stop the spread of moss in your lawn


A single visit application, introducing a high nitrogen fertilizer to rejuvenate and re-green your lawn.

Each Program Includes:

  • Free lawn Inspection
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Free weed spot treatment

**If Weather Permits**

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